Fast and simple chat

May 27 2015 Published by under Uncategorized

Say you (involuntary) started an SMS or email avalanche with some friends. Why not have a site with a very simple chat. No usr/pwd and no functionality; if you know the URL you can get to participate.

The chat is erased after a few days.

But in that time the participants have sorted out where to meet and who brings what and the SMSes/email flood can trickle down to a more manageable level.

“hey everyone – information overlaod – please continue the discussion on”

The GUI code is reduced to as few bytes as possible to load blazingly fast on mobile devices.

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A very very simple home page generator

May 11 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Think SMS and Twitter – simplicity on the verge of stupidity.

There are so many needs for just 1 page.  Be it a restaurant menu or a party specticulaire.  Create a simple site for creating very very simple pages.  Limit each project to 1 page.  Limit to already created templates.

In the simplest case one uses a URL like  It would be nicer though to have  One could buy a bunch of URLs and let the user choose from them. or

Let advanced users upload PDFs or DOCs or ODFs and convert it.

One could, for the advanced advanced users, make it possible to upload HTML and CSS.

Just keep it stupidly simple, otherwise we will try to recreate the home pages of last century.

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Smaller film format

Mar 19 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

If watching movies on mobile phones is on the rise I believe the film format should be smaller.  The 10 meter wide high resolution dream filled with 3D and details doesn’t make it to a smaller screen, the details will be gone or smoothed out.

Also watching a movie on a mobile isn’t an all night thing, unless you are hiding in your bed under your blanket, so the stories should be kept short.  Think 20 minutes train ride or 7 minutes with a tram.

There are already books being written on and for mobile phones, why not take the moving pictures there too?

I guess it can be less expensive  too, smaller images allows cheaper cameras and less resources for editing.

Bring on the story telling!

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A simple voting site

Mar 01 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

A small, fast and simple site to set up voting.

One case is a conference room where, by some reason, ordinary pieces of paper doesn’t make it.  The voting might be secret.  There might be complex rules (messes with “simple” site).  Whatever reason I haven’t though of.

Another is 5 people going out for lunch.  Instead of wasting time by the elevator or in the rain outside – set up an easy voting page.

What to get for birthday present.  Which day is the best for meeting with relatives (relatives are not all on email).  Which time is best for floor ball (a team of 20 people).   A whole school can vote on bike shed colour.

Spice the site with a simple forum, especially for colouring bicycle sheds.

Make it simple enough to not require usr/pwd.

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Your mother’s operating system

Feb 02 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

As a computer knowing fellow human being it is my ban and blessing to be the answerer for every computer related question.


Why not create a user interface that is so simple that even your mother can understand it?  And even you can talk her through over the phone?  Then introduce more functionality as the user’s knowledge and self confidence rises.


Create a user interface to a computer.  Let it run a simple web browser and a simple email client.  Let it have one and one only folder to store files.  Let it be easy to setup for remote control.  Maybe even maybe stop the user from changing things to start with.

Bare with me for a few more lines if the above solution is too rough.

Simple wire frame example with the possibibility to run 3 programs.

Wire frame example

Let there be only one way to start things.  Skip double click.  Skip drag and drop.

Now let the user use this for a while and become comfortable with reading email, chatting, surf the web and print pictures for the camera.

Add more functionality.  Depending on the savviness of the user – introduce drag and drop or the context menu.  Introduce more programs or the possibility to format emails.  Allow more ways to do the same thing.

By the time of writing I see no way of doing a transparent change from Your mother’s operating system to Windows or MacOS or KDE but one should be able to introduce the ideas, allegories and words from a full grown OS GUI.

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