Slippery shoes

Feb 04 2021

I suggest creating shoes that can go from slippery to not slippery by some simple manipulation.

Say you are on your way home and you see a puddle of ice. Of course you want to skid a little. So remove the antislip from your shoes, slide over the puddle, put the antislips back, and continue as you were. But slightly happier.

There can be many “slipperies”. For ice, for snow, for show-ish, for wet grass, for grass, for sand, for marble floor, for wall to wall carpet. You name it.

The slipperies can be omnidirectional (you slip in all directions) or forward directed (slipping forward like ice skates) or directed (slipping slightly sideways to make up for humans having their feet slightly outwards).

Curling contestants already have it; an omnidirectional slippery on one foot. Now let’s take it further!

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Downhill skating

Feb 03 2021

I suggest making covering a sloped area with ice. I will be like downhill skiing but with skates instead of skis.

It means areas that are too flat for downhill skiing can be used.
It means areas with sub zero temperature but no snow can be used.

Why not make skate boarding ramps out of ice? It would be like a mix of a skate board ramp area and a half pipe.

The danger of people skidding with sharp blades and uncovered throats springs to mind. But is it really a problem? No one talks about slalom skis and sharp sides. Nor have I heard anyone discuss it when ice skating.

Difficult to create such a slope? I guess we have to learn, just like we have learned how to prepare for skis.


The other day I stumbled upon some sort of this. It was just a few seconds on youtube and it looked like a smaller variant of the sport where they go 4? people next to each other over bumps.

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Flash briefly on the heating element / hob on a stove when it is adjusted

Jan 01 2021


An ordinary stove has 4 burners/heating elements/hobs in a square pattern.
For adjusting these there are 4 knobs in a straight line.
Way too often the wrong knob is turned.


Have a light rapidly flash when a knob is turned, telling which hob was adjusted.

There can be downward pointing lights above each element; fastened in the kitchen hood.

There can be lights built into the stove top.

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Web browser search in history

Nov 18 2020

After surfing around for a day there is a good chance you want to revisit an earlier page for some information.

So I suggest creating a searched for the history in the web browser.

It should store the content for your visited pages so you can search the contents and bring it back.

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Cut the sound from TV commercials

Nov 13 2020

When the TV ads start the sound volume is raised. Until the TV channels figure out that is a bad idea I have a suggestion.

Connect a box to the HDMI cable and recognise when commercials a are on; typically the TV channel’s logo is gone.

Now cut the sound. Either by cutting the sound in the cable or by sending remote control signals.

The connected box can be exchanged for a camera.

Odds are you are holding both a box and a camera in your hand right now; a cellular phone.

Point the camera at the TV and let a an app recognise the commercial. The phone talks to a remote control.

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Home server in a box

Nov 11 2020

Setting up a server requires a lot of knowledge and following maintenance.

I suggest creating an already installed, configured and automatically updated server-in-a-box.

It can be expensive and be powerful or cheap to handle family issues or the local sports team.

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A more narrow search engine

Nov 10 2020

Google is fantastic in large scale but it should be possible to be even better in small scale with domain knowledge.

Say a search engine for dogs or lego or fishing or travel or cars. It can be primed with knowledge a general search engine cannot.

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A car that work with high heels

Oct 20 2020

Ever tried to drive a car while wearing high heels? Ever tried to break and accelerate and clutch? It should be as comfortable as for men’s shoes.

Do design car pedals that work with high heeled shoes.

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Bicycle helmet that works for a pony tail

Oct 16 2020

If you have pony tial tied low, your bicycle helmet might fit. If you have it middle or high you cannot have a bicycle helmet.

Do design a bicycle helmet that fits people with pony tails.

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A car headrest that works for a pony tail

Oct 12 2020

Half of the population has long hair and half of them have pony tails.

Do design a car seat with a head rest that is usable with pony tail.

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