Cut the sound from TV commercials

Nov 13 2020

When the TV ads start the sound volume is raised. Until the TV channels figure out that is a bad idea I have a suggestion.

Connect a box to the HDMI cable and recognise when commercials a are on; typically the TV channel’s logo is gone.

Now cut the sound. Either by cutting the sound in the cable or by sending remote control signals.

The connected box can be exchanged for a camera.

Odds are you are holding both a box and a camera in your hand right now; a cellular phone.

Point the camera at the TV and let a an app recognise the commercial. The phone talks to a remote control.

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Home server in a box

Nov 11 2020

Setting up a server requires a lot of knowledge and following maintenance.

I suggest creating an already installed, configured and automatically updated server-in-a-box.

It can be expensive and be powerful or cheap to handle family issues or the local sports team.

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A more narrow search engine

Nov 10 2020

Google is fantastic in large scale but it should be possible to be even better in small scale with domain knowledge.

Say a search engine for dogs or lego or fishing or travel or cars. It can be primed with knowledge a general search engine cannot.

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A car that work with high heels

Oct 20 2020

Ever tried to drive a car while wearing high heels? Ever tried to break and accelerate and clutch? It should be as comfortable as for men’s shoes.

Do design car pedals that work with high heeled shoes.

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Bicycle helmet that works for a pony tail

Oct 16 2020

If you have pony tial tied low, your bicycle helmet might fit. If you have it middle or high you cannot have a bicycle helmet.

Do design a bicycle helmet that fits people with pony tails.

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A car headrest that works for a pony tail

Oct 12 2020

Half of the population has long hair and half of them have pony tails.

Do design a car seat with a head rest that is usable with pony tail.

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Configurable telephone call waiting music

Sep 08 2020

While you are waiting for a support call you are forced to listen to some easy listening music.

I suggest making it user settable.

“Thank you for calling Company X.
Your call is important to us.
You will now wait for an unknown number of minutes
and we will play some sounds for you so you know
you are still connected.
Press 1 now directly to not have to go through all the settings.
You will then be rewarded with bird sounds.
Press 2 to listen to birds; annotated with which bird it is.
Press 3 to listen to rain and wind in the forest.
Press 4 to listen to occasional static. Also, besides the birds, the least annoying sound.”
Press 5 to listen to US teenage over produced pop.
Press 6 to listen to softened down and mishandled jazz.
Press 7 to listen to what we believe is classical music.
Press 8 to listen to what we believe is rock.
Press 9 to listen to etno but it will be pan flutes and everything is played on synthesizers. The “etno” in etno will also be from North and Central America only.
If you choose to not choose you will get bird songs.


Just changing from music to bird sounds would be a giant step forward.

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Measure when using power mitre saw

Jul 21 2020

Say you feed your powered mitre saw with wood from the left.

I suggest having a laser measurer mounted to the right. It is angled towards the blade, close to the fence.

When the blad is down 0 distance is measured. As soon as you put wood through it can measure the distance to the end of the wood and hence the resulting length.

A draw back is that it has to be in line with the wood and, possibly, in the way.

If it is set further out, it might be so long away, and with the wrong angle on the display, that it is impossible to see.

So I suggest that it does not have a display but sends its data to a phone close to the saw.

I you have a wood working shop with a bolted down mitre saw, you could mount the laser measurer at a wall once and for all.

It can also be set with a offset.

At Kickstarter, Reekon tools has made a solution that doesn’t have the length limitation my idea has.

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Simple site for editing simple data

Apr 22 2020


As a developer I often have a settings table which is only editable by database tools (e.g. sql or text editor) and often only on the backend server. It would be nice to have a solution to allow easy editing while not being on the backend.


A small xcopy:able web site or application.
For database data it could have a connection string to the server and for text files it could have a path.

It should be able to figure out some meta data by itself but then, with local settings, override them to a more user friendly format.
For instance, if settings is a CSV table, the local settings could have definitions for separator characters, column headers and column data types.

This suggested solution is not for production but would solve the problem during development and even for production time backend manipulation in the right, careful hands. The same hands that otherwise would write sql queries to do the same task.

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A ski or snow board binding that stretches higher than today

Feb 17 2020

All slalom ski boots or snow board bindings only stretch so far up.
We do want a fix position, so we might want to make the slalom boot higher or snow board binding higher; maybe to almost below the knee.

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