A simple working deep copy in dotnet

May 23 2017

Dotnet lacks a good canonical deep copy method or lib.

There are some solutions like
What you you find on Stack overflow
and simple libraries that I have not tested.

There is Automapper which does deep copying and a boatload more. My beef with Automapper is its singleton behaviour. Either I have misunderstood how it works or there is no way to use it throughout a 3 layer solution where there is no assembly that knows all other assemblies.

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Save everything!

May 19 2017

Why not have a process listening to your development folder and stash every change (except bin, obj, cache etc.)?

This way one can roll back and forth throughout a whole day or week or even month to find the spot where something worked or something was changed.

Name the stashes in such a way that a nice little GUI can list the stashes and some some more information, like which files were touched.

Praise where praise is due: Rider from Jetbrains has it.
Since they provide the IDE they can do some clever thinking about how to group changes. With a file listener it is hard to tell if 2 file change close in time is one or two changes. Nevertheless; it doesn’t have to be perfect. Stashing every change takes you a long way to finding that change that ruined your day.

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A code editor that doesn’t use the document metaphor

May 10 2017

I dare say all main code editors today use the document metaphor; text in a document read from top to bottom.
I dare say time has come to drop this metaphor to a more object oriented or data flow oriented one.

When writing a class in an object oriented language the resulting document usually, contains the properties in the top and the methods below.
This means that when looking at the code reading a property name means it is easy to read other properties as they are close by in the document. But is this really what you want? – isn’t the methods using this property what you want to look at?

Now say you are debugging the Save method. There is a great chance you have method Restore (alphabet wise R is next to S) on the monitor; despite you being totally uninterested in them.

What you instead want to have before your eyes and withing a keystroke are the properties User and IsAdministrator and the method Validate; because they are part of the data flow method Save uses.

You are probably also interested in who calls Save and who is called by Save.

My proposal is this:

When you are working with a method, in your vicinity you want what Save reads and manipulates. Any property is shown in a window above the method you are working with. To the right you have a list of methods, and possibly some code, to all methods that are called from the method you are working with and to the left you can see all ways to call your method.
Equally easy to see and navigate to are the parents and descendants of your class.

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App for finding sports mates for friendly match in the vicinity

Feb 05 2017

What if you have an area suitable for football in the vicinity but not enough friends to play?

Why not have an app where you describe the lawn and level of seriousness to let others join?

Or say you have a team of 6 but want another 6 to play with?

Or you want to play some sports but don’t know where people are playing?

There should be an app for that.

Enter location, time andlevel of seriousness in an app. Other interested in the same area; who feel like playing, get a popup and you all get together and play.

The idea could be extended to the drummer calling in sick at last minute, garage sales, apple picking, sailing crew, swimming company or shopping company.

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A shopping app that adapts to your behaviour

Nov 05 2016

Most shopping apps are a list of text. They typically contain some aids for easily writing gherkin, and cantaloupe and how many but they are still a list from top to bottom.

Most grocery stores have vegetables in a part of the store so when you pick the tomatoes you probably want the corn and the apples at the same time; but not the milk, chocolate or spices.

So I suggest the list reorders itself when you start picking to show what’s nearby.

One can also use the localisation features of the phone to find out which store you are in and adapt even more as it then can know whether bread is in the start of the store or later.

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Painting by numbers and jigsaw puzzle in one

Nov 05 2016

Why not mix painting by numbers and jigsaw puzzles?

One can either choose to paint each piece by itself or puzzle it all together and paint it afterwards.

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Fast and simple chat

May 27 2015

Say you (involuntary) started an SMS or email avalanche with some friends. Why not have a site with a very simple chat. No usr/pwd and no functionality; if you know the URL you can get to participate.

The chat is erased after a few days.

But in that time the participants have sorted out where to meet and who brings what and the SMSes/email flood can trickle down to a more manageable level.

“hey everyone – information overlaod – please continue the discussion on http://bachelor.chat.ninja”

The GUI code is reduced to as few bytes as possible to load blazingly fast on mobile devices.

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Send clipboard to/from mobile/computer

Feb 11 2015

Say you get an SMS with some information you want to email togther with some information on your computer.
Today you copy the SMS text into an email which you send to yourself. You open the mail on your computer and fusion it with the other information. Finally you create a new email and press send.

Why do the intermediate email? Instead send the clipboard directly to the computer. And vice verse.

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Square or angled stackable blocks

Jan 13 2015

Having a square, being it a try square, a carpenter’s square, a mechanics square, a speed ruler, combination square or whatever is necessary but often not enough. A big square is good for measuring big things like walls but more or less totally useless for dove tails and vice verse. There is also the problem with not begin able to use a square since the very corner is protruding or misshaped in a  way.

So why not have square blocks to stack and clamp to each other. Make them non magnetic to not gather metal dust. Make holes in them to make it possible to clamp them together in various shapes. Make room for magnets to put in an take out to stack them. Make the surfaces so even that they stick like Johanssons måttbitar. Make other angles and radiuses.

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An application or device for measuring interruptions per hour

Sep 22 2014

There is some talk now about how much an interruption in the work flow costs when you are, for example, a programmer.

Why not measure it?

Say one sits by one’s computer. One can then have an application with 1 button on it which says “I was interrupted”. This application then tracks the time of every interruption and creates some output like a diagram or some statistics.

Since it is to cumbersome to activate a program to press a button one for instance use AutoHotkey and map a never used key combination or maybe the scroll lock key to press said button.

If one is moving the cellular is oft kept within reach so have an app that reacts on a simple drum solo or morse presses. (one could of course have an ordinary app but since it too much job to grab the phone in the pocket, unlock it, find an application, activate it and then press a button, a simpler user interaction should be used)

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