A snowplough that doesn’t shove the snow to the sides

Feb 02 2010

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All (most of?) the snowploughs today shove the snow to the sides. This makes the snow pile up and the road narrower. In the city the parked cars get snowed in and there becomes a wall/pile of ice and snow that makes parking more difficult. The house owners that move the snow out of their garage entrance and sidewalk get a new load of snow for every plough.

If the snow could instead be collected and moved to another place the problem with snow and ice walls would lessen.

There are problems with the cost and logistics with the very tranport of the snow. I also don’t know how to create a reliable machine to gather the snow and not how to get the snow from the snow gathering machine to a vehicle that moves it away without clogging the roads.

But I doubt it can’t be done.

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