Gingerbread house punch

May 02 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

When making gingerbread one uses punches to create the shapes.

I suggest making 3 in the shape of parts for a small house. One for the roof, one for each side and one for the remaining two sides. With 3 punches one has a ginger bread house half a decimeter high. Glue it together with sugar paste.

This means every kid around the table can make his/her own house and not have to share/squabble over which decoration should go where.

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Soap bubble bottle that doesn’t spill

Aug 09 2018 Published by under Uncategorized

Small children are given soap bubble bottles. Small children involuntarily empties them quite quickly.

The idea is a soap bubble bottle that doesn’t spill its contents when lying flat or turned over.

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