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Warning signal for misuse of lingo

Dec 20 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

Problem solved

Using a language the audience is not interested in or does not comprehend.

Suggested solution

Listen to keywords and use a discreet warning.


Say you are describing a solution for a customer audience. Say the solution is somewhat technical in nature and you are very technical in nature. It is very easy for you to use technical lingo, what you know, and not the customer’s language.

I suggest a warning sign, a lamp for instance, every time you say “endpoint” or “database” or “cache” or “gateway” or “repo” or “pull request” or “linear gear box” or “blast radius”.

Equally if you are a boss and hold the mandatory christmas corporate bullshit about how proud you are of your employees. Every time you say “synergy” or “forward leaning” or “on toes” or every time you mention economic figures your audience cannot do nothing about. Light a lamp you are losing them.

It can be realised as an Alexa bot or any other eaves dropping device to listen to key words.

I suggest the alarm is a red lamp at the rear wall of the audience, a watch with a buzzer or a klaxon horn.

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