Calendar application that remembers your last updates

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Often when you create a calender entry everything goes the way you planned. But sometimes the event ends up on the wrong date. If you don’t happen to remember exactly the erroneous date you entered you have no way to find it again.

Alas – let the calendar have a way to show the last entries so you can find it there.

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A digital calendar that can visualise items not bound to (exact) time

Jul 16 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

All digital calendars require every meeting to have a start and end time.  Meetings don’t necessarily have.

The idea is a solution that takes the best of both worlds.



Discuss bug 314 from 1400 and forward.

We might be finished 1500.  We might be finished 2100.
In a paper calendar we draw a line 14-15 and then a squiggly all the way to 21.  Or whatever we feel like.


Meet Andersson after bug discussion.

Since we don’t know when the bug discussion is finished we can’t write it down in a digital calendar.  Well… we can make it an all day event but that messes up the over view.
In a paper calendar we just write it.  It doesn’t make the overview unreadable for this day.


After work on Friday

We start at 1730 I guess.  Unknown end time.  One could always end the meeting at 2359 and explicitly write “unknown end time”
In a paper calendar we just write “after work” and that is all we need.


Boat is lent to Pettersson 20110701-20110714

In a paper calendar we draw a line in the margin and some small text.
In the digital calendar we have two solutions.  1) 14 full day events and then we risk missing both the dentist’s appointment and the spouses birthday since they don’t show up on the overview on the month.  2) another calendar we can merge.  This makes the calendar “clicky” and we have to look at two overviews.


Vacation 20110701-20110814

45 full day events?  “You have a full calendar during your holiday?”


Supper at night at Lundström’s.  Call Jag during Sunday.  Preferably before noon.  Etc.

There are so many ways the paper calendar can visualise meetings/appointments/happenings the digital can’t.
But the digital calendar can be backed up and can be shared with others and can automatically create day&month&year overview in a way paper calendar can’t.

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