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Measure when using power mitre saw

Jul 21 2020 Published by under Uncategorized

Say you feed your powered mitre saw with wood from the left.

I suggest having a laser measurer mounted to the right. It is angled towards the blade, close to the fence.

When the blad is down 0 distance is measured. As soon as you put wood through it can measure the distance to the end of the wood and hence the resulting length.

A draw back is that it has to be in line with the wood and, possibly, in the way.

If it is set further out, it might be so long away, and with the wrong angle on the display, that it is impossible to see.

So I suggest that it does not have a display but sends its data to a phone close to the saw.

I you have a wood working shop with a bolted down mitre saw, you could mount the laser measurer at a wall once and for all.

It can also be set with a offset.

At Kickstarter, Reekon tools has made a solution that doesn’t have the length limitation my idea has.

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