An editor where the paper moves up/down instead of the cursor

Mar 24 2010

In my editor I spend too much time looking for the cursor; up, down, left, right.

Why not have the cursor in the same line, like 30% from the top, and instead move the text behind it?

This will make it possible to always write the code/text at the most comfortable place.

Sometimes one wants to write at the top (see code below) or vice verse and one could move the cursor to a new base position then.

(Finding the cursor is easier with a highlighted line where the cursor is.)

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  1. Vim can _basically_ do this natively with scrolloff (scroll offset) and cursorline 😉

  2. I have seen it in another editor too; there is a setting to “sort of” not move the caret all the way to the bottom or top.
    But in my case; when moving to the top row there were blank rows above the caret and, similarly, below when moving to the last row.
    I didn’t write it in the article but when moving to the top or bottom row I would prefer the caret to move all the way up or down. Also; it should be easy to adjust the standard position of the caret.

    Then I wonder why we write the code documents like we do, with methods like chapters in a book instead of endpoints of functionality. But that is another post to write.

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