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Separate toilet and bathroom in hotel apartment

Mar 01 2023 Published by under Uncategorized

Say you are going skiing with your family.

Say it is morning so everyone needs to wash and pee. At the same time.

Say you are leaving for the mountain and everyone needs to take a dump and brush teeth. At the same time.

Everyone is queueing to the same room.

I suggest separating the wash basin and shower from the loo into separate rooms.

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Ladder with different feet

Feb 28 2023 Published by under Uncategorized

It is not always feasible to set the ladder on its “feet” as they are narrow.

I suggest having different mountable feet. A round disc. A perpendicular bar. An ice peg. A hole for a bolt. Whatever fits your need.

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Adjustable ladder

Feb 25 2023 Published by under Uncategorized

It is not uncommon to have the need for a ladder on uneven ground.

I suggest a ladder where one leg is adjustable for compensating slope or uneveness.

The ladder I use the most is made of I profiles so it should be doable to hide it in the concavities. Or mount it around the leg. Or have it totally separate.

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Hip protection for skiing

Feb 19 2023 Published by under Uncategorized

When I learn/train 180 on skis there is a 50% of success or failure. A failure often means landing on my hip.

I suggest hip pads in skiing clothes.

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Wipers for glasses

Feb 18 2023 Published by under Uncategorized

When being in rain with glasses they often fog up or simply get water on them.

I suggest wipers; like car windshield wipers.

I have seen motorcycle gloves and with sammy and ski gloves with a plastic protrushion. That would only partly do.

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A way to keep skis together

Feb 17 2023 Published by under Uncategorized

The ski stopper on slalom skis doubles as a gadget for keeping skis together when carrying.
But it is not without fault as anyone who has tried to carry skis has noticed. The middle part of the skis stays together but the ends tend to divide.

I suggest a thingamajig for stopping the ends from dividing.

It is preferably an item stuck to the ski(s), so one doesn’t have to dig through any pocket.

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Warning signal for misuse of lingo

Dec 20 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

Problem solved

Using a language the audience is not interested in or does not comprehend.

Suggested solution

Listen to keywords and use a discreet warning.


Say you are describing a solution for a customer audience. Say the solution is somewhat technical in nature and you are very technical in nature. It is very easy for you to use technical lingo, what you know, and not the customer’s language.

I suggest a warning sign, a lamp for instance, every time you say “endpoint” or “database” or “cache” or “gateway” or “repo” or “pull request” or “linear gear box” or “blast radius”.

Equally if you are a boss and hold the mandatory christmas corporate bullshit about how proud you are of your employees. Every time you say “synergy” or “forward leaning” or “on toes” or every time you mention economic figures your audience cannot do nothing about. Light a lamp you are losing them.

It can be realised as an Alexa bot or any other eaves dropping device to listen to key words.

I suggest the alarm is a red lamp at the rear wall of the audience, a watch with a buzzer or a klaxon horn.

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Electronic can-football

Jul 31 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

I suggest an electronics sport with electronic players, a ball, two goals and rules somewhat like football rules.

Say you have a ping pong sized play ground, with borders. The players are round can sized robots.
In the first iteration of this idea the players can be remote controlled. In the more advanced iterations they can be self controlled, with or without a hive mind, robots.

This sport can be awfully fun to both play and watch. With 4 players in each team, or more players for a bigger playgound, it will allow for agility, cunning, strategy and precision. The speed should have a maximum, albeit the goal keepers can have their own maximum speed.

The speed(s) and sizes of the goals and play grounds should be iterated forth. One could also consider assymetrical cans to allow for more ball tricks.

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Semelectronic tools for creating board games

Jul 30 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

Semelectronic tools for creating board games

I suppose designing a board game requires a lot of iterations.
To aid this I suggest small electronic modules, preferably with 3D printable form factors.

Say you have round markers with differenct graphics on, dragons, horses and eggs. Why not have small, marker sized, colour LCD displays?
Then when trying out a new game idea with 10 dragons, 10 horses and 10 eggs, you realise there should be 5 dragons, 10 horses and 25 eggs. Just change graphis on the markers. The result is the same as having card board tokens and drawing more eggs and throwing some dragons in the waste basket; but without the mental friction of throwing the markers with the sketched dragons away.

Say you redesign the board from a square pattern to a hexagonal. Why not bring forth your 3D printer with ready made blue prints for hex adapters ?
If the display has a known form it should be easy to pre construct all types of forms and shapes. Now printing takes a while so they should probably be printed in advance. But on the other hand they can be reused.

The board could be likewise adaptable. It could be a LCD screen, like a big ipad. It could be lego. It could be a piece of card board and erasable pens. But that is another idea.

Likewise more dynamic dice are another idea in another article.

The battery doesn’t have to last forever, this is just for designing a game and iterating its mechanics. Recharge everything every night.

If the LCD display is exchanged for e paper there is no need for a battery at all.

Another idea would be to have already made round, square and hex markers, more paper with round, square and hex outlines and sticky spray. Just draw the graphics inside the lines, cut, spray, and attach the paper cuts to the markers. Faster, cheaper and just as fun.
This idea also matches the cardboard-and-erasable-pens outlined above.

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Pause ebook when falling asleep

Jul 22 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

When listening to an ebook it is easy to fall asleep, either on purpose or by accident.

I suggest monitoring awake/asleep state and pausing the ebook reader.

Monitoring could be done through one of those smart watches that all seem to create graphs of how long you have run and for how long you have slept. It could also be done through listening to breaths or watching eye movemements.

The ebook reader could be paused or a book mark could be set.

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