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Dec 28 2019

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Microwave oven with a simple user interface

Jul 30 2023

To make a long story short: I believed a micro wave oven needed three buttons. When the on/off switch failed on my oven I realised I only needed two.

One button is for the timer. When set to zero the oven is off. Preferably the button is a turnable dial. Fast and easy.

Another button is for the effect. Also preferably a turnable dial.

Why does the microwave at my job have 10 buttons? where I don’t even know what all do.

My newer microwave has 8 buttons. They beep when I press them as if I didn’t know that already.

My suggestion is to bring back the microwave oven with 2 buttons.

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A microwave user interface that is intuitive – Not!

Jul 29 2023

See image. See all the buttons. Find out what they do.

To the defence of the oven producer it is both a microwave and a regular oven; which makes it harder to create a simple UI.

But… why have plus to the left and minus to the right?

Combined oven with plus and minus in the wrong position.

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Bicycle rain trousers for urban use

Mar 25 2023

As I am writing this there no bicycle trousers for urban rain.

It is ordinary, water proof, breathing, rain weather trousers; but totally water proof where the seat is (otherwise water might get pushed through the pants); more sturdy around the knees and front part of the thighs as those parts get more worn. Front thigh should be totally water proof too.

The rest can be the usual breathing and waterproof fabric. But that already exists.
It should be widenable to allow for taking off without taking the shoes off. But that already exists.
It could inherit the idea from jackets, to have zippers in the arm pits, but on the back sides of the thighs.

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Search open(ed) tabs in web browser

Mar 24 2023


You are browsing through stuff on the internet.
After a while you remember something about something. You want to get back to it. But cannot find it.

I suggest:
A web browser plugin (or whatever it is called) that stores your last day/s i a local database to search through.
Come to think of it – as it catches your logged in pages, would even allow you to search in pages where you are logged in, something that google/bing/insertyourfavouritesearchengine doesn’t do.

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Separate toilet and bathroom in hotel apartment

Mar 01 2023

Say you are going skiing with your family.

Say it is morning so everyone needs to wash and pee. At the same time.

Say you are leaving for the mountain and everyone needs to take a dump and brush teeth. At the same time.

Everyone is queueing to the same room.

I suggest separating the wash basin and shower from the loo into separate rooms.

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Ladder with different feet

Feb 28 2023

It is not always feasible to set the ladder on its “feet” as they are narrow.

I suggest having different mountable feet. A round disc. A perpendicular bar. An ice peg. A hole for a bolt. Whatever fits your need.

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Adjustable ladder

Feb 25 2023

It is not uncommon to have the need for a ladder on uneven ground.

I suggest a ladder where one leg is adjustable for compensating slope or uneveness.

The ladder I use the most is made of I profiles so it should be doable to hide it in the concavities. Or mount it around the leg. Or have it totally separate.

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Hip protection for skiing

Feb 19 2023

When I learn/train 180 on skis there is a 50% of success or failure. A failure often means landing on my hip.

I suggest hip pads in skiing clothes.

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Wipers for glasses

Feb 18 2023

When being in rain with glasses they often fog up or simply get water on them.

I suggest wipers; like car windshield wipers.

I have seen motorcycle gloves and with sammy and ski gloves with a plastic protrushion. That would only partly do.

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A way to keep skis together

Feb 17 2023

The ski stopper on slalom skis doubles as a gadget for keeping skis together when carrying.
But it is not without fault as anyone who has tried to carry skis has noticed. The middle part of the skis stays together but the ends tend to divide.

I suggest a thingamajig for stopping the ends from dividing.

It is preferably an item stuck to the ski(s), so one doesn’t have to dig through any pocket.

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