A cooperative buyers’ app

Aug 01 2017 Published by under Uncategorized

Say you and your spouse is shopping food together. You are both running in the same store and looking for the same goods. You have to check in with each other often to sync what each have taken and what you should continue with.

Instead there could be an app, or simple web site, that does the syncing.
Let’s say you have a shopping list stored in your phone. You give it, or you are given, a unique id. Give this code to your spouse.
As soon as you check any item on the list a signal is sent to the other phone, directly or over internet, to check the item on other phones using the same code.
That way you can go shopping together without having to go back and forth to the shopping cart to discuss.

Extra bells and whistles could be the ability to send small messages like “double the milk” or “do we have eggs at home?”

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Long commute share help

Feb 17 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I have for a long time thought about a site helping people share cars when commuting. One day it struck me that every man sitting in his 1500kg steel cage sits there because he wants to. It’s his time to be alone and feel free and powerful. Alas, a site for helping him get company in the car would not be visited very much.

But… there are people with long commutes. I am thinking of 2 hours or more. For such a long commute more energy can be spent on finding company, shared fuel money, ebooks and whatever is wanted for long trips.
A web site for them might be helpful.

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