Gingerbread house punch

May 02 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

When making gingerbread one uses punches to create the shapes.

I suggest making 3 in the shape of parts for a small house. One for the roof, one for each side and one for the remaining two sides. With 3 punches one has a ginger bread house half a decimeter high. Glue it together with sugar paste.

This means every kid around the table can make his/her own house and not have to share/squabble over which decoration should go where.

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Limited ear phones audio for kids

Oct 08 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

Kids are famous for rising the audio to 11 just for fun.

I am not writing about youngsters and rock but toddlers and kids listening to walkman/mp3-player/whatnot that for a shorter or longer time raises the audio volume to hearing damaging levels.

Why not create headphones that are limited in themselves. Electronics it them limit the amount of energy allowed to push through. Since the mechanics of the ear phones are known it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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A site for finding things to do with children in a geographical area

Feb 09 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Babysitting your own children and out of ideas of what to do that is both educational, fun and social?

Why not have a site that is geo sensitive and keeps discussions about local happenings.  Think opening hours of museums, position of play grounds, public transportations maps, happenings, eating possibilities.  It should be crowd sourced so the parents themselves use and update it.  Then big enough so the local businesses (museums, stores, kiosks) updates it to draw more customers.

This idea can be made universal to handle almost anything “what should I do today” but limiting it to parents and their children could be a good idea to make the subject narrow enough to be usable.

If you local surroundings aren’t interesting enough for such a site, think visitors and yourself travelling with children.

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