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Developer proxy for weighing pages

May 28 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

As a web developer I am keen on weighing my pages.

Yes I know kb is not a fool proof measurement when there is caching, proxies, DOM rendering and all to make measurements more complex.

Instead of weighing my pages now and then – why not weigh them all the time? Say I have a proxy like Fiddler and there count the kilobytes, number of calls and whatnot to dump into a database. A program then does some calculations and returns a graph and some figures about what it has found. It can either send me an email at noon and an hour before I leave or it can show data continuously like Growl or Miniprofiler.
I believe there has to be some data filtering to erase pages not fully loaded (I develop you know) and loading times of the scale (I develop you know).

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An application that show the hosts file

May 22 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

I am getting tired of opening favourite editor and navigating to the folder for the hosts file to check it. (as a devops i do this a lot)

Why not have an application that does this and only this? For Windows it should also be easy to restart it as admin to update the hosts file.

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A simple todo-list for a group

May 20 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

There are tons of todo-list applications out there, especially when it has become the extended helloworld for developers.

But what I miss is a simple online todo for an ad hoc group.

Say you and your neighbours decide on cleaning a patch for a football field and some tasks must be done. Get a proper lawn mower. Get a scythe. Ask Grumpy-old-man for possibility of leaving grass and small trees in his compost, get timber for goals, ask Bearded-with-pipe if he has an old fish net. Ask SO for coffee, lemonade and beer cooler. Decide time for next meeting.

Normally all these tasks are jotted down in text document (or gods-forbid msword) and sent back and forth to be spliced into 10 not correct versions.

Instead jot the tasks down on a web site. Get everyones @dress to make them accounts. (should be a click away, no more). Now everyone has access to said online document and can tick off tasks as soon as they are done. When a task is done – send an email to all others to show that stuff is happening.

This simple-todo can be extended with thousands of features but that might also make it harder to use so KISS.

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