Configurable telephone call waiting music

Sep 08 2020

While you are waiting for a support call you are forced to listen to some easy listening music.

I suggest making it user settable.

“Thank you for calling Company X.
Your call is important to us.
You will now wait for an unknown number of minutes
and we will play some sounds for you so you know
you are still connected.
Press 1 now directly to not have to go through all the settings.
You will then be rewarded with bird sounds.
Press 2 to listen to birds; annotated with which bird it is.
Press 3 to listen to rain and wind in the forest.
Press 4 to listen to occasional static. Also, besides the birds, the least annoying sound.”
Press 5 to listen to US teenage over produced pop.
Press 6 to listen to softened down and mishandled jazz.
Press 7 to listen to what we believe is classical music.
Press 8 to listen to what we believe is rock.
Press 9 to listen to etno but it will be pan flutes and everything is played on synthesizers. The “etno” in etno will also be from North and Central America only.
If you choose to not choose you will get bird songs.


Just changing from music to bird sounds would be a giant step forward.

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  1. Awesome idea! It could even have an option to start an interactive adventure game 🙂 Just imagine navigating a maze and solving puzzles using tone dialing – people might even enjoy having to call the support!

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