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A simple site for creating a fast and simple email list

Apr 24 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

Problem solved:

Getting people in contact and in sync.


Say you sit at a pub and decide to do a small project or throw a party. You know each other but there might be more people to join.

Go to a site to create a mailing list. Everyone on the list has admin rights so when someone joins or someone leaves anyone can edit.

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Protection for the neck of an axe

Apr 23 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

Throughout the years I have learned that the neck of an axe gets worn. In the end the whole handle has to be exchanged.

Since many years have I protected the neck with some metal and prolonged the life of the handle many years.

It isn’t expensive nor complex. I have cut an ordinary tin can, flattened it and then bent it again around the neck of the axe. I have then taped it together. The tape gets worn and has to be changed once a year, depending on how much the axe is used, type of wood and skill of axe handling.

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