Fast and simple chat

May 27 2015 Published by under Uncategorized

Say you (involuntary) started an SMS or email avalanche with some friends. Why not have a site with a very simple chat. No usr/pwd and no functionality; if you know the URL you can get to participate.

The chat is erased after a few days.

But in that time the participants have sorted out where to meet and who brings what and the SMSes/email flood can trickle down to a more manageable level.

“hey everyone – information overlaod – please continue the discussion on”

The GUI code is reduced to as few bytes as possible to load blazingly fast on mobile devices.

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Use your computer’s keyboard with your mobile phone

Jun 19 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

You’re sitting at your working desk and your desktop computer (or laptop).
Due to a reason or another you want to write some text on your mobile phone. But you don’t since all those keyboards suck.

Why not have your computer talk to your phone (for instance via bluetooth) and write your text on your big keyboard? This way one could do some real emailing and chatting on the phone.

An idea for monitor sharing is here.

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Your own home server

Apr 15 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

Everyone wants a server running at home, don’t we?

But not everyone has the geek powers to rebuild an old machine, configure it, secure it, poke proper holes in the fire wall and finally maintain it.

Simplify problem

Not every server has to be run 24/7 and not every server has to withstand big loads or even be public to everyone.

So start small. A mobile phone on 3G is outside your fire wall. It might not be on your LAN even. It is low powered but has quite hefty innards to crunch numbers and is inherently good at networking.

Use some kind of dynamic DNS and start the app manually or automatic when connected to the charger.

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Use a mobile phone as a wifi to wifi router

Jan 27 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

When you are at a hotel or coffee shop and connect to the public wifi you don’t know what is lurking on the other side. I consider it unsafe.

Then add a guy like me that has a development machine and quite possibly a port that I have forgotten open. Plus some web sites in different stages of alfa and beta with all debugging info turned to 11. That is unsafe if something.

So I use my phone as hotspot. But why should I? why can’t I use my phone as wifi to wifi router? I know I have a certain small Win7 machine set up as wifi-wifi and wifi-3Gdongle machine so why not my mobile phone too? It would save me a bill abroad at least.

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Quickly log in to your site on another’s computer

Jan 01 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Say I get an idea I want to publish on my site.  This very site for instance.
Also say I am at a friend’s place and my computer is at home so I have to borrow my friend’s computer.

My password is of course 40 ch4R4ct!ers-long and impossible to remember.  Or at least very hard to remember.  Opening Keepass at my phone and copying character by ch4r4ct!er is boring and error prone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to somehow magically copy the password (or temporary password even) from my phone to his computer.  I haven’t figured out how to connect my phone and his machine and authenticate and authorize and do the copying and all other stuff that is involved but the idea is nice.

This could be taken further.  Why talk about a friend’s machine?  Some work places, typically point of sales, have a card you have to insert into the machine or a magnet to attach to interact with the computer.  I have seen ads for a RFID tag? which you have in your pocket; leave he desk and the computer notices you have left and locks.  One could use the all present mobile phone for the same stunt

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Reconnect dropped mobile phone

Dec 22 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Whether the phone call was dropped due the operator, the phone, clumsy handling or anything else doesn’t matter. All we want to so is reconnect again. Too often this results in calling ping pong and line busy signals.

Why not have a button/function “Reconnect” and if both parties press it the phone or operator automagically does this.

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Smaller film format

Mar 19 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

If watching movies on mobile phones is on the rise I believe the film format should be smaller.  The 10 meter wide high resolution dream filled with 3D and details doesn’t make it to a smaller screen, the details will be gone or smoothed out.

Also watching a movie on a mobile isn’t an all night thing, unless you are hiding in your bed under your blanket, so the stories should be kept short.  Think 20 minutes train ride or 7 minutes with a tram.

There are already books being written on and for mobile phones, why not take the moving pictures there too?

I guess it can be less expensive  too, smaller images allows cheaper cameras and less resources for editing.

Bring on the story telling!

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Use the mobile phone as extra monitor

Jan 09 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Normal modern laptops only have two graphic cards so one can only attach one more monitor.  Why not use the phone as a third?

Simple image of monitor setup with a mobile phone as ditto.

This third monitor can show RSS feeds, chats, email list or updates like for Facebook or Twitter; stuff you might want to keep an eye on but not spend screen space for.

I have back in the very beginning of the millenium had my WindowsCE PDA in the cradle next to the screen where it showed me the email or chat list.  Very convenient.

Other stuff it could show is log output, compile/unittest/autobuild results.  Let it show memory and CPU usage.  Why not keep Spotify or your favourite music player on it.

It should be easy to use it.  When I had such a working configuration I had my cradle by the monitor and when I dropped the PDA into it things got connected. (well… it used activesync which is one of the worst programs out there so it didn’t exactly connect every time)  Nowadays the cradles are sparse so I only have more futuristic ideas like knocking your cell phone on the monitor and it connects.  Or shake it in a certain way before dropping it on the table to let the phone and the computer understand they are companions.

On a side note I today use a small monitor connected through USB.  It has worked almost without a glitch.  Expensive at around 100€ but, for me, worth it.

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