Use your computer’s keyboard with your mobile phone

Jun 19 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

You’re sitting at your working desk and your desktop computer (or laptop).
Due to a reason or another you want to write some text on your mobile phone. But you don’t since all those keyboards suck.

Why not have your computer talk to your phone (for instance via bluetooth) and write your text on your big keyboard? This way one could do some real emailing and chatting on the phone.

An idea for monitor sharing is here.

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A cleanable computer keyboard

Nov 10 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Look at your keyboard and you know what I mean.

Why is there still no cleanable keyboard around?  That is nice to use at the same time I mean.

Some ten years ago I tried cleaning a keyboard thoroughly.  I popped 10 keys a day loose and cleaned.  After two weeks I was finished and the keyboard was only a tad cleaner.

Dishwasher cleanable, only the keys or preferably the whole keyboard.  Or washing machine washable even.

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Developer keyboard

Nov 10 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The keyboard for computers have got upgrades since the typewriter heydays, but they are still designed for text and spreadsheets.

Why not make a developer centric keyboard with easy-to-reach buttons for debugging by the left side (like the F1-F10 in old keyboards) but more ergonomic.  Wireless if needed.  Possible to pick to pieces and puzzle together again – think Lego, clay or magnets.  Make it washable.

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Keyboard for non-touch typers

May 17 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The keyboard layout is created for touch typists (there are some comments about this but bear with me) but most people don’t touch type.

So why not have a keyboard that is better for index finger typers?  The space bar isn’t pressed by the thumb so it could be smaller and give place for other buttons.  Ditto almost all buttons since an index finger typer probably looks at the keyboard too.  One could also get rid of the qwerty layout which isn’t very good for typing and it makes finding keys harder for someone who seldom types.

Personally I am using ergonomical keyboards (yes – I touch type) since they are easier on the wrists; but I am on the lookout for customizable keyboards where I can bend it and place the keys wherever I like.

If you dear reader is programming and using a Swedish keyboard let me present 1337 keyboard layout for you.  It has a US base (better for programming) but with åäö (necessary to write Swedish) on it too.  Then I have switched the figures and the special characters on the top row so there is no need for pressing shift every time you want a parenthesis.

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