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Replacement for Regex

May 22 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

Regular expressions can be hard to write and is hard to read.

I suggest coming up with a replacement for Regex, one that is easier to write, and absolutely easier to read.

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Calendar application that remembers your last updates

May 16 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

Often when you create a calender entry everything goes the way you planned. But sometimes the event ends up on the wrong date. If you don’t happen to remember exactly the erroneous date you entered you have no way to find it again.

Alas – let the calendar have a way to show the last entries so you can find it there.

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Pepparkaksformar för ett litet pepparkakshus

May 02 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

Jag föreslår 3 pepparkaksformar för att göra ett litet pepparkakshus.

En form är för taket, rektangulärt, en för gavlarna, 5-kantigt, och en för fram- och baksida av huset, rektangel igen. På så sätt kan man enkelt stansa ut ett drygt halvdecimeter högt pepparkakshus man kan limma ihop med kristyr (man bränner sig på socker).

Då kan alla barnen göra var sig och det blir mindre bråk om vilken dekoration som skall var.,

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Gingerbread house punch

May 02 2022 Published by under Uncategorized

When making gingerbread one uses punches to create the shapes.

I suggest making 3 in the shape of parts for a small house. One for the roof, one for each side and one for the remaining two sides. With 3 punches one has a ginger bread house half a decimeter high. Glue it together with sugar paste.

This means every kid around the table can make his/her own house and not have to share/squabble over which decoration should go where.

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