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Stable and finger friendly bowl for tidbits

Dec 29 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

When doing mechanics, like fixing a car, small parts are taken off and most of them need to go to their old places again. While not being in their right place they might get mixed and lost.

First be thorough to Always put the parts in bowls.
Keep several bowls for different parts you are working on.

Here is what i have learned about these bowls:

They must be stable. It is way too easy to tilt a bowl, especially when lying under a car. A small dog food or a cat food bowl is perfect. They are stable enough to be pushed without tumbling over. They also have nice smooth edges around the bottom that makes it easy to hunt and grip screws and other small pieces with your fingers.

They must be several. One is not enough unless you do only a small work with few pieces.

Different colours is good but not critical.

I have sometimes wanted to cap them, like when putting them away for a while. This can just as well be done through moving their contents to other, cheaper, boxes.

One time or another i wanted to have them magnetic so their invaluable contents didn’t escape. Absolutely not critical.

More important then is to have the bowls square, or any other shape, and some sort of walls in the bowl to make it a bit chronological. Like the first parts that where taken out are leftmost.

Until someone creates an expensive bowl for die hard DIYelvers; use an old cat bowl. It has neen close to perfect for me.

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A site for who’s bringing what to a potluck

Dec 28 2012 Published by under Uncategorized


You’re having a potluck dinner.
You plan the contents.
You split the contents between the participants.
You email everyone.
You bask in the glory of a party with a fraction of the work.

Sometimes step 5 is preceded with email tennis about redeciding who’s bringing what.


Create a site with the possibility to create a list of stuff to bring and make.
Invite everyone to the site.
Let people choose and pick. Alternatively, prime the list with responsibles; otherwise you might get all the boring stuff and you’re worse of than when you started.

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The phone as a remote control for your TV or camera

Dec 18 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Why don’t TV makers create an app for remote controlling the TV? ¬†Start right now!

The system camera can be remote controlled through a phone with bluetooth.  And the camera can send its pictures to the phone to make for remote viewing.

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Bag for picking mushrooms

Dec 15 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Mushrooms should be picked with a basket. But it is cumbersome to carry a basket just to maybe find a mushroom.

Instead carry an ordinary plastic bag and something to expand the bottom of the bag. The same something should be foldable to be equally easy stored in a pocket. I am thinking of a spring in an O shape or a springy band of metal or a plastic surface or whatever. 10cm of twine and a found bendable twig should do the trick too.

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