Your own home server

Apr 15 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

Everyone wants a server running at home, don’t we?

But not everyone has the geek powers to rebuild an old machine, configure it, secure it, poke proper holes in the fire wall and finally maintain it.

Simplify problem

Not every server has to be run 24/7 and not every server has to withstand big loads or even be public to everyone.

So start small. A mobile phone on 3G is outside your fire wall. It might not be on your LAN even. It is low powered but has quite hefty innards to crunch numbers and is inherently good at networking.

Use some kind of dynamic DNS and start the app manually or automatic when connected to the charger.

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Use a mobile phone as a wifi to wifi router

Jan 27 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

When you are at a hotel or coffee shop and connect to the public wifi you don’t know what is lurking on the other side. I consider it unsafe.

Then add a guy like me that has a development machine and quite possibly a port that I have forgotten open. Plus some web sites in different stages of alfa and beta with all debugging info turned to 11. That is unsafe if something.

So I use my phone as hotspot. But why should I? why can’t I use my phone as wifi to wifi router? I know I have a certain small Win7 machine set up as wifi-wifi and wifi-3Gdongle machine so why not my mobile phone too? It would save me a bill abroad at least.

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