Game idea: a zombie game with frightening zombies

Apr 29 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

When I think of computer zombie games it is usually a mêlée and splatter. But zombies can be frightening. There is a Romero remake where the zombies run instead of walk like tired Monday morning; suddenly there is a reason to be afraid.

So why not create a game where the zombies are dangerous? Where being close to them is not only risky but really dangerous and frightening? Let the player have tasks that involves sneaking up on Zs and grab a tissue sample or stay close to them and observe their natural behaviour. If the player is spotted the best defense is to run; this could make up some nice le parkour play. In simple cases or when panicked a blunt instrument could be handy but also risky. Keep a sniper nearby. Well… not too nearby since you don’t want him to be fragged (or whatever it is called when a npc Z catches your team mate).

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