Screw your house together

May 26 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

I recently changed floor and had to remove baseboards/moulds.  These were easy to break/crack which would later lead to more work piecing them together to make the crack invisible.  Not to mention all the dents I made when making the first try to pry them loose.

If they had been screwed this wouldn’t have happened.

In another room I had to paint the moulds.  The result was sometimes not satisfactory.  If I had been able to screw them loose it would have been better.

What about screw holes? one might ask.  Are there supposed to be big black holes or heads sticking out?  That can be solved I say.  I don’t know yet but there are plugs, screws without head but threads with different rise or another solution.

There already exists moulds that are fastened on fasteners that are attached to the wall.  The implementations I have seen so far are slightly ugly, doesn’t always make a nice fit and can’t be used for pressing the floor down, which is needed sometimes.  A good idea though.

If the moulds are detachable they could also be milled on the backside to allow for electrical wires.

Finally I don’t want to stop the screwing idea at mouldings and baseboards.  Use it for everything where there is a nail.  It makes redecorating easier.  And screwing isn’t harder than nailing in the first place.

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