Pieces that fit together easily

Dec 07 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Building pieces that fit together in most directions.

Duplo is still to difficult for my 10 months old.  She often knows how to take the pieces from each other but hasn’t figured out the difference between studs, sides and under side; she just rubs them together and that is not enough.

What I am picturing is blocks, like Duplo, with magnets in them.  Now magnets are a bit to magic so maybe blocks with spikes.  I remember the latter from my childhood toys.  The spike solution doesn’t make the nice lego-squareness and lego-every-piece-fits though.

Velcro is male-female and I don’t want it to be some-sides-stick-some-don’t.

Maybe a Post-it solution.  The glue wears of though.

Johansson gauge won’t make it since they are too sensitive.

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