A simple voting site

Mar 01 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

A small, fast and simple site to set up voting.

One case is a conference room where, by some reason, ordinary pieces of paper doesn’t make it.  The voting might be secret.  There might be complex rules (messes with “simple” site).  Whatever reason I haven’t though of.

Another is 5 people going out for lunch.  Instead of wasting time by the elevator or in the rain outside – set up an easy voting page.

What to get for birthday present.  Which day is the best for meeting with relatives (relatives are not all on email).  Which time is best for floor ball (a team of 20 people).   A whole school can vote on bike shed colour.

Spice the site with a simple forum, especially for colouring bicycle sheds.

Make it simple enough to not require usr/pwd.

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