Painting by numbers and jigsaw puzzle in one

Nov 05 2016

Why not mix painting by numbers and jigsaw puzzles?

One can either choose to paint each piece by itself or puzzle it all together and paint it afterwards.

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Fast and simple chat

May 27 2015

Say you (involuntary) started an SMS or email avalanche with some friends. Why not have a site with a very simple chat. No usr/pwd and no functionality; if you know the URL you can get to participate.

The chat is erased after a few days.

But in that time the participants have sorted out where to meet and who brings what and the SMSes/email flood can trickle down to a more manageable level.

“hey everyone – information overlaod – please continue the discussion on”

The GUI code is reduced to as few bytes as possible to load blazingly fast on mobile devices.

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Send clipboard to/from mobile/computer

Feb 11 2015

Say you get an SMS with some information you want to email togther with some information on your computer.
Today you copy the SMS text into an email which you send to yourself. You open the mail on your computer and fusion it with the other information. Finally you create a new email and press send.

Why do the intermediate email? Instead send the clipboard directly to the computer. And vice verse.

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Square or angled stackable blocks

Jan 13 2015

Having a square, being it a try square, a carpenter’s square, a mechanics square, a speed ruler, combination square or whatever is necessary but often not enough. A big square is good for measuring big things like walls but more or less totally useless for dove tails and vice verse. There is also the problem with not begin able to use a square since the very corner is protruding or misshaped in a  way.

So why not have square blocks to stack and clamp to each other. Make them non magnetic to not gather metal dust. Make holes in them to make it possible to clamp them together in various shapes. Make room for magnets to put in an take out to stack them. Make the surfaces so even that they stick like Johanssons måttbitar. Make other angles and radiuses.

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An application or device for measuring interruptions per hour

Sep 22 2014

There is some talk now about how much an interruption in the work flow costs when you are, for example, a programmer.

Why not measure it?

Say one sits by one’s computer. One can then have an application with 1 button on it which says “I was interrupted”. This application then tracks the time of every interruption and creates some output like a diagram or some statistics.

Since it is to cumbersome to activate a program to press a button one for instance use AutoHotkey and map a never used key combination or maybe the scroll lock key to press said button.

If one is moving the cellular is oft kept within reach so have an app that reacts on a simple drum solo or morse presses. (one could of course have an ordinary app but since it too much job to grab the phone in the pocket, unlock it, find an application, activate it and then press a button, a simpler user interaction should be used)

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Create a router plane from a chisel

Sep 15 2014

This is already done by creating a hole in a board and then jam a chisel in this hole; but it is a clumsy and imprecise.

There are also already perfectly good router planes but they are expensive and have only one cutter and hence only one width.

But… as a carpenter one has a bunch of chisels. So why not have a holder for them that does what a router plane does? It is probably not as good as there isn’t any flat part of the cutter against the wood but for much of the work it should do.

Take this idea further to a rebate or shoulder plane.


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Let the hot stove shine red

Aug 12 2014


One cannot see on a stove’s hot parts they are hot; in best cases there is a red dot somewhere else to show the burners are hot.

Possible solution(s):

If a red light cannot be mounted into the very burner, being it metal, glass or any material, have a pin spot mounted in the fan shine a red light on the burner.

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Buildable boxes

Jun 24 2014

I like to put many of my things in boxes.
For my tools I build special purpose boxes, typically out of plywood. It takes time.

Why not have box building pieces like lego, meccano and fischertechnik but more sturdy?

Say the pieces are built of 100mm x 100mm pieces. Then one could build a box in any multiple of 100mm size.
The best would be if the pieces weren’t glued together so when your box is too small, too big or your tool is broken and no longer needs a box – just rebuild.
Still, having a bunch of cheap pieces to just build a glued box is better than having no pieces.

One idea

Build the boxes like log house. The “logs” could be “small planks” with already made corners to fit to each other, like the log houses have, but more relying on fastening and less on timber weight.
The corners could snap together or be fastened with a rod going through or an outside fitting corner piece.

I am not necessarily thinking of only wood as material here; plastic or metal or sturdy paper would be just as fine, possibly even better with mixed material.

Another idea

The construction could be more like ordinary plywood boxes with metal edging but as DIY. The edging is easy – buy it in 500mm lengths and cut as needed. The plywood can be considered easy too, just buy a 2 square meter piece; but that only works if one has plenty of storage space. Instead have them 500mm long and 50 mm high; cut them as needed and fit together with metal edging and some sort of metal not-edging.

Yet another idea

One could get away with less tools if the pieces came in 100mm x 100mm pieces with fasteners already attached. Say continuous casted aluminium profiles made to fit each other with or without a third piece. Just join the pieces and have a box. This idea looks like it would possible to pick apart and rebuild too.


I found the OS project that solves many of the question regarding dimensions.

At Low tech magazine is an article that talks about modularity and reuse.

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Use your computer’s keyboard with your mobile phone

Jun 19 2014

You’re sitting at your working desk and your desktop computer (or laptop).
Due to a reason or another you want to write some text on your mobile phone. But you don’t since all those keyboards suck.

Why not have your computer talk to your phone (for instance via bluetooth) and write your text on your big keyboard? This way one could do some real emailing and chatting on the phone.

An idea for monitor sharing is here.

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A (relational) database tool targeted towards developers

Jun 18 2014

I am a developer and I most often use Sqlserver. The most common tool for working with Sqlserver is Sqlserver management studio and it does it’s job; which happens to be everything. Why not create a (relational) database tool targeted towards developers?

Things I normally don’t do

Now, as a developer I normally touch security at the beginning or end of a project. I usual handle just one of a couple of databases (database in sqlserver lingua, I believe it is called schema in Oracle) at a time. Space allocation is only used when doing backup and restore to create new or roll back a database. I have, unfortunately, never touched anything like sharding, replication, availability or other beardy stuff.

Things I normally do

I write queries, lots of queries. Depending on project I write stored procedures and triggers. I have also dealt with having DLLs inside Sqlserver. I do a lot of comparing schema and data with other databases.

What I want

I have a need for an IDE that leaves out all stuff I don’t or seldom use; whenever I need to dabble with security I can fire up Sqlserver management studio.

  • awesome intelligence/typeahead/whateveryoucallit in the query editor. Management studios intellisense has become better but I still lack functionality I get with Sqlprompt by Redgate.  There are semi graphical tools for aiding query writing but I haven’t taken a serious stab at using them; I should.
  • relations should be visible. When I work with a table I’d like to have indices, triggers and stored procedures in close vicinity, not through an “object explorer” tool window and a deep drill down tree. Say you are writing “select * from User” or selecting the User table in a list somewhere. Why not have a window, toolbar or menu automatically populate with depending tables, triggers and stored procedures?
  • drill down possibility. Way to often I write a query and another and another just to find out where data comes from or vice verse. Without spending any time thinking and designing I am visualizing that when a row, say of a User, is found, one can with a click or key stroke get all Roles related to said User through the UserRoles table. Another example is User-> Order-> OrderItem-> Currency-> Country-> Company-> User.
  • copy/paste update of table data. I also would like conversion of such copy or paste to a query to run on another instance.

What I want stuff that is really nice-to-have

  • global search. I sometimes find a guid or a part of a string that has fled its sanctuary and need to find where in the database it originates. Somewhere I have a stored procedure for this but I’d like to have it built in to the tool and with more intelligence like searching for guids in proper fields and asking before doing a free text search in a million rows table.
  • fast backup and restore. To take a temporary backup before doing a big or dangerous change. Then to restore said backup with ease. The Management studio dialogue for this is big, hard to use and error prone. By and by I need to create a copy of a database, say for branching a project, and that can too be made to be done with ease.
  • no install. I manipulate data in production and don’t want to have to install anything; an xcopy should be enough.


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