Site for unique IDs

Jan 16 2011


There is need for a site that creates unique IDs.


Two systems need to create unique IDs for making synchonising possible.  By some reason they have to find this unique ID by themselves, they are not allowed to talk to each other.  GUIDs are perfect for this.
But what if the two systems are people and not machines.  Or what if this unique ID, by some reason or other, has to be human readable?

A possible solution is to have a site which produces new IDs every load.

Go to or and you get 1, 2, 3, 4… back.

We don’t have to log in if the numbers don’t have to be consecutive.  Say that two companies make up the internal project name CowsAreCool.  Both companies still get unique IDs without problem.  One gets 1, 2, 4 while the other 3, 5, 6.  Technically we don’t even need a project name, but it feels cozier to “own” your own project IDs.

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