A very very simple home page generator

May 11 2011

Think SMS and Twitter – simplicity on the verge of stupidity.

There are so many needs for just 1 page.  Be it a restaurant menu or a party specticulaire.  Create a simple site for creating very very simple pages.  Limit each project to 1 page.  Limit to already created templates.

In the simplest case one uses a URL like www.example.com/id=12.  It would be nicer though to have projectname.example.com.  One could buy a bunch of URLs and let the user choose from them.  myproject.otherexample.com or sunday-evening.has-the-menu.com.

Let advanced users upload PDFs or DOCs or ODFs and convert it.

One could, for the advanced advanced users, make it possible to upload HTML and CSS.

Just keep it stupidly simple, otherwise we will try to recreate the home pages of last century.

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