Laser and level for drilling in right angle

Dec 06 2011


When using a hand drill it is hard to get it at right angle.

Possible solution(s):

Mount a bull’s eye level on the rear end of a power drill and making vertical holes should be a breeze.  Mount a tubular spirit level on the top side and horizontal holes are equally easy to drill.

One can also use laser lines.  For instance one can have two lines projected from an angle but the lines parallel at the tip of the drill.  If the drill leans in the direction of the laser lines they will come at angle.  Don’t mind my explanation; think about it for a few seconds and you’ll realise how it could be implemented.

There is a neck on hand drills. Mount the holder for the bull’s eye or tubular spirit levels there; then the solution can be used on any drill with neck.

Exchange the power drill for anything that has to be at right angle.  Why not create such a laser device to hold to a piece of wood to make sure it is perpendicular to something else?

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