A toaster that works as expected

Jan 07 2012

There is still to develop a toaster that roasts evenly, toast the first slice as much as the next, roasts the bottom side as much as the top and doesn’t burn the edges.

Let’s start with the even roasting, shouldn’t be too hard. Then take away the need to adjust the roast level between the slices. Continue with not burning the top side while the bottom just ok.  Finally find out how to avoid burnt edges.

Also let’s find out a way to check the bread without having to raise the slice and reset the timer/temp feeler.

Here is a solution with see through sides.

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  1. Fully agree with your comments.
    As for the last one (reset of timer each time you check), the Kenwood TTM310 already handles that:

  2. I think the world already have the “glass-toaster” so you don’t need to raise the slice in that toaster. and it would look cool if you can see all the electrical components(even if it isn’t so much) inside the toaster.

  3. Glass toaster: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-508654/No-burnt-toast-The-new-glass-toaster-lets-bread-browns.html
    There is also a two slice version that looks more like an ordinary toaster.

    Wired suggested to rip the sides of the toaster. Looks cool but is a waste of energy. Plus the added effect of not needing a fork to get zapped.

    KTM, the motorcycle manufacturer, has a toaster that leaves the KTM logo on the side of the slice. The construction is just the KTM logo welded on to the steal thread leaders on the inside. Not a very elegant solution. The uneven roasting is still there.
    http://shop.ktm.com/racing-toaster.html (search for pictures of the very toast)

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