Quickly log in to your site on another’s computer

Jan 01 2012

Say I get an idea I want to publish on my site.  This very site for instance.
Also say I am at a friend’s place and my computer is at home so I have to borrow my friend’s computer.

My password is of course 40 ch4R4ct!ers-long and impossible to remember.  Or at least very hard to remember.  Opening Keepass at my phone and copying character by ch4r4ct!er is boring and error prone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to somehow magically copy the password (or temporary password even) from my phone to his computer.  I haven’t figured out how to connect my phone and his machine and authenticate and authorize and do the copying and all other stuff that is involved but the idea is nice.

This could be taken further.  Why talk about a friend’s machine?  Some work places, typically point of sales, have a card you have to insert into the machine or a magnet to attach to interact with the computer.  I have seen ads for a RFID tag? which you have in your pocket; leave he desk and the computer notices you have left and locks.  One could use the all present mobile phone for the same stunt

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