Protection to make your tablet a child’s toy

Jan 13 2012

The tablet is a fantastic educational toy with fantastic feedback possibilities but it has two big drawbacks.  One is the “home” button that always works.  It is very good for knowing users but kids are more… experimenting.  The other is the breakability.  A third is the price but I keep that issue out of this idea.

Start the edutainment app of choice and put the tablet in a case with the Home button covered.  The case is padded too to protect the tablet.  I have yet to find a way to protect the very screen.

I almost forgot another threat – saliva.  The cover must cover any hole in the tablet.

The price tag can possibly be remedied by not having a full blown tablet with all the horse powers needed for adult use.  The screen must be responsive but I believe the rest of the tablet can be slightly slow.

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