A way to clean the grill grate

Feb 27 2013

Grilling, whether you call it barbie, barbecue, grill or whatnot still leaves a grate to clean.  Often sticky and fat.

Can we make up a solution to have it clean again without destroying the grate, lots of work or forcing us to handle the problem immediately after grilling?

There are several solutions as per today:

Putting the grate in a soaped bath over night – now the grate is wet too.
Putting the grate in the vicinity of ants – doesn’t work.
Putting the grate in the coal to burn off residues – next time the grate will be rusty too.
Immediately scrubbing the grate with a metal brush – best so far.

Then there is a bit more tech: http://www.gizmag.com/grillbot-bbq-cleaner/26260/


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