Butter or margarine on tube

Nov 07 2013

Tired of dirty butter on you picnic?
The butter is half melted, there are bread crumbs (in best cases but quite possible pine needles, regular dirt and possibly caterpillar droppings) mixed in and a spreading knife with butter on the handle. Then there is the lid that happened to be stepped on and then invaded by ants.

Why not have the butter on tube? Either a disposable tube or a reusable one.

To get rid of the knife and all the work to have it clean throughout the picnic, create a small spade on the opening of the tube. This way one presses and spreads at the same time.

All is covered with a hat that closes the opening and covers the spade.

( I have tried having butter in tube; when the temperature is right it works. Other times margarine is better. )

Tipthanks MikioH

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