An application or device for measuring interruptions per hour

Sep 22 2014

There is some talk now about how much an interruption in the work flow costs when you are, for example, a programmer.

Why not measure it?

Say one sits by one’s computer. One can then have an application with 1 button on it which says “I was interrupted”. This application then tracks the time of every interruption and creates some output like a diagram or some statistics.

Since it is to cumbersome to activate a program to press a button one for instance use AutoHotkey and map a never used key combination or maybe the scroll lock key to press said button.

If one is moving the cellular is oft kept within reach so have an app that reacts on a simple drum solo or morse presses. (one could of course have an ordinary app but since it too much job to grab the phone in the pocket, unlock it, find an application, activate it and then press a button, a simpler user interaction should be used)

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